WARNING: Crashsafari Crashes Iphone And Other Devices And Browsers

iphoneThere’s a new prank making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites that’s just not funny. It’s a website call crashsafari.com and it does exactly what you think it does: crash Safari … plus a whole lot more.

If you visit the website, it will immediately crash your iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S and pretty much any recent iPhone running iOS. Huffington Post recently tested the site and here’s what they had to say about the experience:

“Because we are foolish care about our readers, we tried this and can confirm that the website will indeed crash an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 5S running iOS version 9.2.1 and a regular iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. In other words, if you’re using a recent iPhone or one running the latest version of iOS, you’re probably at risk.

When you visit the website, it’ll load for a moment and then crash Safari or force a reboot of your iPhone, sending you back to the home screen with everything else intact. Depending on your settings, you might lose some tabs, but it won’t do anything to damage your device otherwise.”

While the initial effect of the website seems horrifying—sending iPhone owners into panic when it happens—it appears that there is no other detriment to the devices.

According to 9to5 Mac, the site relies on JavaScript to create a loop with the History API, but won’t compromise your personal information. 9to5 Mac also reported that the prank also works on desktop versions of Safari.

The website phonearena.com reported similar results when they tested crashsafari out. Here’s what they said:

“We tried to load it up in Chrome and Firefox on Windows, Chrome on Android, and each browser crashed. In some instances, such as Safari on the iPhone and iPad, the website can cause a complete reboot of the device. Funnily, the website doesn’t do its trick when opened in Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows 8.1.”

The site went on to corroborate with what Huffington Post said about it being mostly a nuisance and nothing more ominous:

“On the upside, the misbehaving site does not pose a security risk. It does not steal your data, it does not contain worms, trojans or other forms of malware. It just crashes your browser. At the most, it reboots your iPhone or iPad.”

So if you’ve used this site and experienced the fright, at least you can breath a deep sigh of relief knowing that nothing more happened or will happen to your phone. And as with every internet virus, Trojan and worm that’s come before this, think before you click on an unknown or untrusted link. Plus remember, just because a friend sent it to you, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. After all, the internet is a dangerous place filled with all kinds of ne’er do wells and miscreants. You need to do everything in your power to not let them destroy the device that holds many of your intangible valuables.