Social Media

Building Your Personal Brand On Social Media

Even if you have no intention of ever joining the gig economy you should be building a personal brand online. Your personal brand will come in handy if you decide to start your own business or if you find yourself looking for a job. Or if you want to find a better job than the one you have now. Building a personal brand can also be a great way to establish yourself in a niche that is your hobby or if you decide you want to set up a way to make some passive income on the side or from a website like Rocket Deals USA. Your personal brand is really your online persona and it can be useful to you in many different ways.

Setting Up Your Brand

The first thing that you need to do when setting up your personal brand is to decide what you want to highlight about yourself. Maybe you want to build a brand around your cooking skills, or late night tv. Or maybe you want to create a brand built off of some of the special job skills you have like social media marketing. Whatever it is that you’re good at and want to promote should be the focus of your personal brand. Make sure that you are branding a skill and not just yourself. Not too many people are going to care about your personal brand unless you’re sharing something or demonstrating skills that you have.


Start With Your Passion

Choose A Platform

Ideally, you should be adept at using many different platforms. But you should focus on one primary social media platform so that the bulk of your efforts are focused on one platform. Choose a platform that fits with the job or skill that you want to share. If you are a motivational blogger or speaker then you should be using Facebook Live. If you’re a content creator and you deal primarily with written words then Twitter is the best platform for you. And if you have a skill that you want to demonstrate, like cooking, then Youtube is the platform that you should be using.

Produce Great Content

For most people, this is the hardest part of building a brand. You need to create content to promote that your brand that will demonstrate your experience and expertise. So if you love to cook and you want to grow a Youtube following of people that will watch your cooking videos you will need to create many high-quality videos showing you cooking different dishes, describing what home chefs should have in their pantries, demonstrating skills like chopping and other knife work, and making exciting meals for your audience.

You Can Create So Much


Once you have great content you will need to actively promote it on social media. This is the step that a lot of people struggle with. They think that making the content is going to be the difficult part when really it’s the promotion that is tough. But it’s important to get your brand and your videos, books, or whatever else you’re promoting in front of potential customers and clients.