Are Online Affairs Cheating?

Online Affairs

The issue of online affairs is very controversial with people on both sides. Some people feel very passionate about whether or not a close online relationship is technically cheating. An emotional affair could be nothing more than one partner developing a very close friendship or an innocent flirtation with someone online. If you think your partner is cheating, you could use a cell phone spy app on their phone. 


online affairs
Flirty Text Messages Considered Cheating?

It becomes dangerous when both parties take it offline into the real world. But there’s no doubt that online affairs, which are extremely common, breaking up real marriages. In fact, some divorce lawyers have said that as many as 70% of the cases they work on involve some form of online cheating. Everyday people cheat, and there are many celebrity scandals

What Is Cheating?

Anytime you have a relationship with someone that takes away from your real relationship, that is considered cheating. It doesn’t really matter if you meet in person or talk every day on Facebook. If you are spending time sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone other than your partner, that is cheating. Chatting with friends online isn’t cheating. But you know when a conversation or friendship is crossing the line.

Online Chatting

When your online chats start having romantic overtones or flirtation, they become online affairs. If you are having a conversation with someone online that you would have on a date then that’s not appropriate. If you’re talking about the weather, or work, or a hobby that you both love there is a big difference. This casual type of conversation is different from a romantically charged conversation. Many people worry about their spouse having a cyber affair

Relationship can be very fragile these days. Technology has made it far too easy to get emotionally involved with someone besides your partner. There are so many dating apps like Tinder, and now Facebook dating. There’s always the danger that an emotional relationship will turn into a physical one. Technology is great but it has made it even easier to cheat on your partner without them knowing. Also, there are websites for married people looking to cheat. 

online affairs
Woman Texting Her Ex At Work

Is It Worth It?

When you feel like your partner isn’t giving you enough attention, it’s easy to find someone else online. But that’s not a real relationship. That’s a fantasy world where there are never any problems. No one ever gets mad and you can just log off. Real relationships take commitment and work. If you are chatting with someone online, and you find yourself turning away from your partner. This is when talking becomes cheating. If you enjoyed this, read about my experience with a dating coach.