4 Beauty Tech Products For Your Beauty Routine

Technology is quickly becoming a staple in every industry, even the beauty industry. And companies are coming up with some pretty innovative tech products. They can make you look better, keep your skin healthier, and feel better. Best of all, they cut down the amount of time getting ready in the morning. The latest beauty industry event had some fantastic new beauty technology. This includes these four pieces of new beauty tech that every woman is going to want to own. 


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This Woman Owns All The Best Beauty Products

La Roche Posay UV Sensor

The new UV sensor from La Roche Posay isn’t just a beauty device. It’s also a great weapon in the war on skin cancer. This innovative device is a tiny sticker you attach to your nail. Once it’s on your nail the sensor will automatically detect and track the amount of UV exposure that your skin is getting. With an app linked to the sensor, you can monitor your UV exposure in real time, track patterns of sun exposure and what potential damage could be done from that level of exposure and get suggestions for ways that you can protect your skin. 

HiMirrorMini With Alexa

The HiMirrorMini with Alexa is a total makeup mirror upgrade. In addition to a wide variety of lights and magnifications that you can use to get your makeup exactly right in the morning for whatever situation and lighting you are going to be in the HiMirrorMini comes with Alexa built in so that you can listen to the news, or your favorite podcast, or music that you love to get you moving in the morning. If you are always in a hurry in the morning the HiMirror Mini is going to be a total game changer. 

Neutrogena Skin 360

Neutrogena is upping their game when it comes to skincare with revolutionary tech products like Skin 360. It’s like a visit to the dermatologist but at home. This cool new product comes with a facial scanner and sensor that attaches to your smartphone. You put the scanner on your forehead and it will link to an app that will give you readings about your skin health and other information that is personalized for you. It can track your sun exposures and sun damage, chances of developing acne or other skin problems, and general skin health.


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Foreo UFO

The Foreo UFO is a crowd-funded product that is really a spa in a hand-held object. You can use tech products like this as a massager, and it also dispenses heat and cold skin therapy. This provides some of the best facials you will ever have. You won’t need to go to the salon for expensive spa treatments ever again once you have the Foreo UFO. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about your partner having an online affair.