Tech That’s A Girl’s Best Friend

iphoneNowadays, diamonds aren’t necessarily a woman’s best friend. Tech is. Today’s woman can be every bit as tech-savvy or tech-loving as their male counterpart and there are a wide variety of products out there with great techs-appeal. Here are some of our favorites. Talk about girl power.

Apple iPad mini
Big things do come in small packages. Apple’s powerful little tablet packs a lot of punch for its size. Measuring in at only 7.9 inches and .65 pounds, the super sleek iPad mini tucks nicely into any handbag or backpack and doesn’t weigh down its carrier. Tech tech-savvy gals will be glad to know it’s utilizes an A8 chip with second-generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture to handle almost any task you give it. Powerful, capable and oh so sweet, Apple’s iPad mini is the perfect travel companion for any woman on the go.

Amazon Echo
Sometimes you just want a girls’ night in with a best friend. Well girlfriend, meet your new BFF: Alexa! Alexa is a cloud-based voice system from Amazon’s Echo that can answer your questions, read aloud your books from your Amazon library, tell you the news, provide you with updates on traffic and weather or with information on local businesses and shopping. It can also go over your schedule, help you with your recipes, and more! Echo is constantly being updated with new features and skills. Plus, it plays all of your music (in 360 degrees) from your Prime Library, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn while you exercise, chill out or whip up your favorite meal. And if you are up on all of your smart-home technology, Echo can even turn your lights on or off.

Fur Lined InnoHug Headphones
The Fur-Lined InnoHug Headphones aren’t just the chicest looking pair of headphones around, they’re also warm and comfy and put out fantastic sound! Available in cream or black, these plush cans will make any girl feel special.
So pop open that bottle of red, curl up on the couch, and kick back to Tay Swizzle in ultra cool style.

iRobot Roomba 880
So you’re feeling a little guilty that you chose to “shake it off” with Taylor last night instead of doing some chores. No worry, your other BFF just rolled in! The Roomba 880 is the newest generation vac-bot from iRobot. Just put your headphones back on and let Roomba do all the work. It not only handles wood floors and shag rugs, it gets those hard-to-reach spots like under your sofas and bed as well. And don’t worry, it won’t suck up your socks or loose cords thanks to its unique iAdapt Responsive Navigation System.

Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell (Multiple Colors)
So you went ahead and ordered both the Echo and the Roomba, but you’re at work and you don’t know if it’s going to arrive today. The Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell will let you know when anyone rings your doorbell by sending you an alert via the accompanying app. It features a video camera, speaker, microphone and motion sensor so that you can see, hear and speak to whoever is at the door—and it sends a video feed over Wi-Fi, 4G and LTE. It runs on both iOS and Android devices.

Navdy Mounted Windshield Projector
Sometimes you really want to go on a road-trip, but there’s no one to go with. The Navdy Mounted Windshield Projector will definitely be your shotgun BFF. It takes all the information from your phone and projects it up onto your windshield so you’re not looking down at your device—which you shouldn’t be doing anyway. Check your email, texts, GPS, and social media updates with just a swipe of your hand or a voice command—or pick the best driving tunes from your favorite playlists. The Navdy utilizes a transparent Head-Up Display (HUD) and runs on both IOS and Android.

WARNING: Crashsafari Crashes Iphone And Other Devices And Browsers

iphoneThere’s a new prank making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites that’s just not funny. It’s a website call and it does exactly what you think it does: crash Safari … plus a whole lot more.

If you visit the website, it will immediately crash your iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S and pretty much any recent iPhone running iOS. Huffington Post recently tested the site and here’s what they had to say about the experience:

“Because we are foolish care about our readers, we tried this and can confirm that the website will indeed crash an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 5S running iOS version 9.2.1 and a regular iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. In other words, if you’re using a recent iPhone or one running the latest version of iOS, you’re probably at risk.

When you visit the website, it’ll load for a moment and then crash Safari or force a reboot of your iPhone, sending you back to the home screen with everything else intact. Depending on your settings, you might lose some tabs, but it won’t do anything to damage your device otherwise.”

While the initial effect of the website seems horrifying—sending iPhone owners into panic when it happens—it appears that there is no other detriment to the devices.

According to 9to5 Mac, the site relies on JavaScript to create a loop with the History API, but won’t compromise your personal information. 9to5 Mac also reported that the prank also works on desktop versions of Safari.

The website reported similar results when they tested crashsafari out. Here’s what they said:

“We tried to load it up in Chrome and Firefox on Windows, Chrome on Android, and each browser crashed. In some instances, such as Safari on the iPhone and iPad, the website can cause a complete reboot of the device. Funnily, the website doesn’t do its trick when opened in Internet Explorer 11.0 on Windows 8.1.”

The site went on to corroborate with what Huffington Post said about it being mostly a nuisance and nothing more ominous:

“On the upside, the misbehaving site does not pose a security risk. It does not steal your data, it does not contain worms, trojans or other forms of malware. It just crashes your browser. At the most, it reboots your iPhone or iPad.”

So if you’ve used this site and experienced the fright, at least you can breath a deep sigh of relief knowing that nothing more happened or will happen to your phone. And as with every internet virus, Trojan and worm that’s come before this, think before you click on an unknown or untrusted link. Plus remember, just because a friend sent it to you, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. After all, the internet is a dangerous place filled with all kinds of ne’er do wells and miscreants. You need to do everything in your power to not let them destroy the device that holds many of your intangible valuables.

Jailbreaking an iPhone Is Never An Illegal Course Of Action

jailbreakingMany people assume that ‘unlocking’ and ‘jailbreaking’ an iPhone are merely a similar thing. However, these two functions are different. Whenever you uncover your iPhone, you’re merely releasing your unit to become appropriate for any company and not just usually the one you purchased your product from. Around the other-hand, when you jailbreak iPhone 3.1.3, for instance, you will officially be removing most of the safety steps that your device’s has been on by Apple iOS. Because of this, you’ll manage to deploy various adjustments which are otherwise not allowed by Apple.

What Does the Law Say about Unlocking and Jailbreaking an iPhone?
Based on the US Selection of Congress, it’s not legal for almost any cellular phone owner to discover their smartphones if they were ordered after January 26, 2013. If you actually want to create your phone available for use with another circle, you may have the carrier was unlocked by by these devices. What’s not appropriate is for you to work with a third party vendor to discover it.

As for jailbreaking an iPhone, it’s really still legal to do this. Within the Electronic Copyright Act, it should stay legitimate throughout 2015 due to the exemption in fact. Apparently, what’s been produced illegal could be the jailbreaking of iPad. Questioning if it’s to jailbreak that is lawful my iPhone Mobile? Well, yes, it is okay to do this and also for iPod Hint.

What is with jailbreaking an iPhone, the matter?
Whether jailbreaking an iPhone is appropriate has actually not been a problem even yet in yesteryear. Hence, you have no motive at-all to bother of jailbreaking your iPhone, about the lawful effects. If there was a very important factor that is nevertheless making iPhone people reluctant to jailbreak their phone, it would be the proven fact that their gadgets may be harmed by this process.

Whenever you jailbreak your iPhone, you are formally setting your iPhone free from the iOS’s handle. Just what exactly does it imply to you personally? Jailbreaking your iPhone means that install and you can now begin to download applications that are unavailable in the Apple Store. A lot of people think if they are jailbroken, that iPhones be much more susceptible to viruses or other troubles. Well, there may be some fact to the. You cannot anymore make the most of the robust safety attributes that Apple offers its people as your iPhone will no longer be beneath the view of the Apple.

How do you jailbreak an iPhone?
There are many methods on the web as you are able to employ to jailbreak your iPhone, one being Uncover. With this specific device, you’ll be able to rest assured that its performance will not be lost by your iPhone. By paying once, you may also uncover multiple iPhones.

Other Ways of Tracking an Unfamiliar Cellular Phone Number

trackingHave you actually obtained some unusual texts from telephones figures which are not recognized to you? You are not at all alone, if yes. All of us have gotten communications and calls from strangers, also it typically becomes necessary to discover who the stranger is by tracking the number among other things. The good thing is the fact that it’s rather easy todo, particularly using the support of cell phone spy software mount that is remote that is the best.

Thinking About Track the Phone Number?
Irrespective of mere interest, you’d want to know who’s calling or texting you for several reasons. Firstly, the written text communications could possibly be bothering. You can also genuinely believe that it’s from somebody your spouse is having an affair with. Texts and such calls could also originate from your child’s friends-you don’t find out about. Whatever your motive is, understanding who owns the number that is peculiar will provide you with a reassurance for sure.

How Would You search well for a Phonenumber?
  1. Google it!
    Using Google or any searchengines that are other is really of looking for a number that is strange a remarkably popular and easy method. All you need to do is type-in the internet search engine the phone number and analyze the search results. You will need to alter the structure of the quantity so you can check different benefits out.
  2. Checkout nearby directories.
    of hunting up a phone range another common way is by way of a regional directory. The problem that is sole here is that phone websites don’t have results for cellular phone numbers.
  3. Utilize mobile phone spy software.
    This really is perhaps the most successful and finest means of searching for an unidentified caller or text-message sender. When it comes to using this sort of spyware, you may wonder is cell phone spy software authorized? Well, it’s both a zero and a yes.

Because it is definitely an attack of solitude spying on somebody else’s phone is actually illegal. When you’re not the appropriate operator of the phone you’re monitoring but this simply applies. There is not a problem using its legality if you are planning to utilize a mobile phone tracker all on your own portable phone, or maybe the phone of the child which you acquired.

Using the support of the mobile phone spy plan, you’ll be able to monitor the contact details of the phone contacting you and sending texts to you. You may perhaps document in order to notice what the other person is saying, the phone calls.

Together with the several cell phone spy plans available, selecting one is difficult. Whenever a corporation states to offer cell phone spy without phone access because, it is believed by Don’t this isn’t feasible by any means. Choose Auto Forward mobile spy because it has a long heritage of consistency and wonderful performance.

Protect Your Youngster from Violence By Spying On His Cell Phone

spyingIs the child being stressed, humiliated, confronted and tormented by another kid applying SMS or social networking? Violence can be a matter that is huge for parents nowadays, which is likely that you’re worried that the youngster may be of intimidation also a prey. As being a guardian, you absolutely desire to safeguard your child from your emotional, actual and psychological ramifications of bullying. The news that is good is the fact that by learning how spying on the mobile phone works, you can be an integral part of just how of your child’s lifestyle every phase.

How Does Mobile Phone Spying Work?
While they happen about the goal phone by using remote cell phone spy software such as Auto Forward, all activities and communications are grabbed. Every one of the data saved won’t be afflicted despite the consumer of the phone deletes any info saved about the unit.

Listed below are the basic monitoring capabilities of remote cell phone spying software:

  • All varieties of communications happening to the goal phone are matched against the address book around the phone. This makes it simpler to identify who are visitors, and who your pals that are child’s are. The device’s complete book can also be accessible to you personally, so you may know who your child is obviously speaking with.
  • Auto Forward offers parents the ability to slightly prevent SMS communications and calls from specific phone numbers. You’re able to prohibit it if, for example, you’re unsure who possesses the number that regularly calls or delivers communications to your child’s quantity. From having any type of conversation with folks having terrible effect in it by preventing specific phone numbers, you can prevent your child.
  • Incoming and texts can also be captured and published for your personal online. Thus giving a concept of what your youngster and his / her buddies are speaking about to you. This can also offer in case as evidence of cyberbullying you need to act legitimately about it.
  • By learning how to remotely deploy spying software over a cell phone, you will also understand what queries are now being built on the devices and what sites your child is visiting regularly. And not just that, Auto Forward enables specific sites your child shouldn’t have access to to be blocked by you.

Is Auto Forward the Ideal Choice?
In regards to cell phone spy software, you have suppliers and so many different models to choose from. It’s sad to say, nevertheless, that not all of them present quality and reputable portable phone monitoring services. Auto Forward, to the other-hand, has established itself as being a chief in remote cell phone spy software, because of its advanced capabilities and reputable support and support.

A Summary of What Cellular Phone Monitor Software May Do

monitoringEngineering has undoubtedly changed and increased so many points on the planet we live in. The continual developments in engineering has caused a great number of modifications in the way we do our jobs, the way we speak, the way we work, as well as the way in which we relate solely to the other person. Although there are many technologies we must be pleased about, there is the one that has extended to amaze those people who are currently deploying it – cell phone monitoring software. If you haven’t considered obtaining such software to spy on cell phone without usage of the phone, then you are missing its many good gains.

Features of Cell Phone Spy That Every Person May Have a Use for

Auto Forward mobile phone monitoring application has built a standing of becoming as a result of its really unique features, an extremely dependable monitoring software. With Auto Forward, you can do these:

Even and check pay attention to phone conversations
Auto Forward not only permits you to spy messages, but phone calls too. This application goes inside the history thin consumer of the mark phone won’t also observe that someone is currently hearing their interactions on the phone.

View received texts and all mailed
This can be probably the most widely used element of any phone spy software. But what’s distinctive about Auto Forward is the fact that it allows you spy messages that have been already removed. This really is a thing that not absolutely all spy programs may do.

Monitor the positioning of the prospective phone
Auto Forward’s GPS feature enables you to observe the prospective phone and its user’s place as well. you could be confident the knowledge you’ll obtain indicates the place of the phone in real time, although you are able to pick how often you are currently likely to have the report.

Monitor and watch emails
Have you ever wondered what your personnel, receive and for instance, deliver on the emails? With Auto Forward, you don’t need to fear anymore that the sensitive firm info will be lost for your competitiveness. You can even save a copy of most these emails for future research.

Watch media files
Auto Forward is definitely an spyware app that enables you to see every one of the records inside the media file of the mark phone. This element is advantageous for parents who are inquisitive about what pictures or videos their children are currently taking utilizing their cell phones.

Remotely phone camera
Another preferred feature of Auto Forward is its power access the camera of the target phone slightly. This means that you will not just have the ability to spy messages, but additionally get pictures utilizing the camera that is phone’s. Contemplating each one of these functions that are remarkable, there’s undoubtedly that Auto Forward is your very best selection in regards to phone spying.

Prevent Child Abductions with Cell Phone Spy Software

cell phone spyChild abductions are from what we notice on television and movies, different. Everyday around 2,100 kids are noted lost while in the United States. If parents are able to offer certain information about their child like a clear photo of the little one, level, weight, along with eye color  Most of the cases can be solved if the parent installed a cell phone spy app, like those written about on Jay Lange Media.

To these kids and teens that have been kidnapped, most of them are being abducted by their particular family member and just 25 % are completed by visitors. Kidnappings are not usually accomplished in colleges. Two thirds of the youngsters which might be kidnapped are primarily female abductions and youngsters are primarily done by guys.

Listed here are methods to reduce kidnapping:

  • Make sure every half a year you have identity photographs of the kids.  Have them also fingerprinted as recruit fingerprinting plans and most regional police division search use.
  • Often revise your dental and healthcare records that are child’s.
  • Make certain you constantly provide online protection on your children. Monitor web activities and your kids’ pc very well.  Online transmission is a superb tool for perpetrators to cell phone spystalk their patients. Several of those kidnappers use chatrooms to be friends together with your kids, but with Highster Mobile, JLM’s number one cell phone spy, you can protect your kids against this. In this internet-age it is greatest that you keep tabs on your web actions that are kids’ on phone and the computer.  To monitor your kids around the phone ensure you possess a spy software for that one in order to see-the different connection transactions. All these different transactions get collected onto a control panel, as stated on Jay Lange Media’s blog, allowing you to be in control of your spying.
  • Also try to fit restrictions where your young ones can get.  Do your very best to keep an eye to them as they go to areas, centers, film properties, restrooms. Have a cell phone alarm software to know where they’re.
  • Keep clear of fundraiser door to door activities and make sure when someone knocks at your door, you or an adult is there to supervise or accompany your kids.
  • Make certain somebody you trust are along with your youngsters when they have been in a car or in a buggy, all the time.
  • Carefully select babysitters and daycare services very well. Make sure to do your study and verify their references.

Are iPhones Fully Secure from Cell Phone Monitoring and Spying?

cell phone monitoringAlthough it does work that its best continues to be trying to guarantee its users that each one the private knowledge they have in their OSX and iOS gadgets are safe and secure, the company’s efforts don’t be seemingly enough. As being a matteroffact, current reports demonstrate spy businesses and police force continue to be able to access units that were such. There are several corporations that likewise say how Apple gadgets that are susceptible are possibly cell phone monitoring software that is to free without installation. Although Auto Forward is not one of the free ones, it is the best cell phone spy software I’ve seen.

Exactly what does Apple have to claim about their protection?
Apple introduced they have previously upgraded the protection on their ios-8 devices. They defined that even Apple will have no power to access information, and that most particular info will soon be secured around iOS users’ products. It’s a necessity, nevertheless, that the user’s PIN code protects the information.

This transfer by Apple acquired them the affection of also their greatest experts. There is no doubt that user privacy is being taken by the greatest cellular phone firm. This is excellent media for consumers also.

Is iOS 8 totally inaccessible apart from an individual?
This is a difficult someone, plus an appealing problem. Well, the stark reality is if they do want to get data from your device that iOS can be accessible to police force agencies specially. Use is made by these organizations to modern forensic methods that have the capability to bypass any PIN encryption on iOS and whichever OS for that matter. Using such resources, they’re able to retrieve personalized data such as movies, pictures, applications, sources, etc to a device’s. Auto Forward’s features include the previously mentioned resources and many, many more.

Should iOS customers worry?
If you’ve got nothing to hide, it shouldn’t matter that your phone may be spied on from the regulators? It ought to be recognized also that law enforcers don’t intend to spy on each person in the united states. They’ve a clear reasons why they intend on spying on somebody.

There is another thing that could cause one to worry, however, which is the possibility of another individual spying on you through your phone. Mobile phone spy software plans are hardly unusual today. However, you shouldn’t since there’s no way they might know how to spy on cell phone without usage of phone because such software doesn’t have that capacity fear. If you really want to know how a cell phone spy software works, the Auto Forward page with the same name is a perfect resource!

Auto Forward is a dependable following system that is delivers reliable info if, to the other hand, you want to monitor your youngster through their phone. You’ll just have to mount it on the target phone, then you can start utilizing it.

How Do Cell Phone Spy Apps Help You Monitor?

cell phone spyIn any sort of romance, it’s typically certain for-one party to doubt the respect and fidelity of another party. There are various things that can come when it comes to how you’re likely to monitor his every shift to your intellect if you’re in a situation where you think your spouse may be covering something from you. In cases like this, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits of the best cell phone spy software for mobile phones.

How Can Cellphone Spy Apps Function?
Generally, what you’re planning to do is mount the mark phone, which, in this instance, can be your husband’s phone to the Auto Forward cell phone monitor software on. You won’t because just about all phone tracking programs can be fitted on any OS, have any problems when it comes to getting a compatible application with all the target phone’s operating program. Nevertheless, if your husband’s phone is working in a iOS, then you definitely can have to jailbreak the iPhone for one to mount the software.

You could possibly begin managing the software’s capabilities and acquiring all of the info you wish to have out of your husband’s mobile system after you have mounted the application around the goal phone. Take notice that so that you could have the accounts often through e-mail or your mobile phone, you will have to enroll because the user of the application.

What Capabilities Are You Able To Anticipate?
Auto Forward software comes with a quantity of capabilities that are wonderful that can allow you to understand what your partner does along with his phone.

Below are a few of the finest features you need to use:

Text-Message Tracking – the best spy software for cell phones allows one to access the concept logs over a target phone. Which means you may not be unable to see all-the text messages provided for and from your phone.

Call Logs – the spy software will also deliver reviews of the conversations happening on the target phone to you. You and you will get the people’s phone amounts and a saving of such interactions, respectively!

iMessages – In case your spouse is utilizing an iPhone, for instance, , there’s a feature he may be applying to send communications to different iPhone people, although iMessages. As Auto Forward includes a characteristic that lets you track another phone’s iMessages, this would not be hidden from you, ofcourse.

GPS Locator – if you’re thinking where your husband may be in a moment that is particular, you should use Auto Forward’s GPS locator to get real-time revisions about his phone’s location.

These are only a few of Auto Forward cell phone check software that will allow you to do accurate and successful phone monitoring of the several awesome functions.